Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries

At Atlas Defense Industries (ADI), we're committed to fostering a strong sense of community and creating a supportive, team-oriented environment that promotes success for all our members. Our members come from all walks of life, and we value the diversity of our community. We believe that having members with diverse backgrounds and skills helps us all be successful in the game.

What sets ADI apart is our commitment to teamwork, organization, and a relaxed, mature gaming environment. Our divisions cover every known gameplay loop, and our experienced members are always willing to teach new players the ropes. Outside of gaming, many of our members have real-world experience, including prior military service and even experienced military-trained pilots.

Joining ADI means becoming part of a truly exclusive Org, where you'll always have the support of your fellow members. Whether you're a seasoned Star Citizen veteran or just getting started, ADI is the perfect place to call home. Below are instructions on how to Join ADI.




At ADI, we're committed to excellence in all aspects of gameplay. That's why we're a certificate-based Org, requiring members to obtain a certificate for any and all gameplay roles in Star Citizen. Our certification program ensures that all members are qualified and competent in their roles, and most certifications are straightforward and easy to obtain. However, some certifications require a high level of proficiency and skill, and achieving them requires dedication and training. ADI provides training materials and regularly scheduled opportunities for members to grow and hone their skill set, giving you the tools you need to succeed in Star Citizen. Join ADI today and experience the power of a highly skilled and supportive community in Star Citizen!


At ADI, we're more than just a gaming community; we're a family. We believe that success in Star Citizen is best achieved through teamwork and a strong sense of community. That's why we require our members to play as part of the official ADI group in any supported game. By working together as a team, we can achieve our goals and help our members succeed in Star Citizen. As part of an exclusive Org, you'll have the support of your fellow members every step of the way. Join us at ADI and experience the power of a strong, supportive community in Star Citizen!


At ADI, we're all about creating a relaxed and mature gaming environment for our members. We understand that our members are often busy with work and other commitments, and we value professionalism and respect in all our interactions. Drama and negativity have no place within our Org, and we strive to create a laid-back, casual, and hospitable community where everyone feels welcome. With a focus on having fun and enjoying the game, ADI is the perfect place to call home for seasoned Star Citizen veterans and new players alike. Join us today and discover the power of a supportive and welcoming community in Star Citizen!


At ADI, we believe that teamwork and organization are the keys to success in Star Citizen. Our dedicated staff works together to provide our members with regular, organized events and a strong sense of community. With a clear organizational structure in place, members always have the support they need to succeed in Star Citizen, whether they're seasoned veterans or just getting started. Our leadership structure, from the top down, is:

  • Board Members: Responsible for the entire Org.
  • Senior Directors: Responsible for major ADI-wide staff shops or significant Star Citizen divisions.
  • Directors: Oversee divisions and dedicated Star Citizen staff shops.
  • Assistant Directors: Responsible for time zones of divisions or major division sub-groups.
  • Team Leads: Help members and ADs within divisions.

I'm Ready to Join

1. Read the Rules

Don't be a jerk.
Don't cause drama.
Real life comes first.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to read and understand the rules and policies of the Org. By joining ADI you are acknowledging that you have reviewed them. If you have any questions, please ask the person onboarding you for any clarifications needed. Read over the expanded rules on the Rules Page

2. Verify your RSI Handle and Moniker match

Ensuring that all your names match exactly is crucial for keeping our Org organized and efficient. Please follow these steps to make sure all your names match:

  • Verify that your RSI handle, RSI moniker, and ADI forum account name match exactly. Please note that we do not allow spaces or special characters (including dots, commas, etc.) in any of our names, including forum names and RSI handles/monikers. The only exceptions are a single dash or underscore, which cannot be at the beginning or end of your name.

  • Click here for detailed instructions on how to change your RSI handle and moniker if they do not match.

  • Your name must be easily pronounceable and not tactically confusing. Avoid using names that are difficult to pronounce or spell (such as "Xanthippe"), or that could be misinterpreted as military designations (such as "Alpha1" or "Bravo3"). Additionally, avoid names that contain leet speak (such as "l33tSn1per").

  • Your name must also not include inappropriate language or themes (such as profanity, racism, or sexual innuendo).

By following these steps and ensuring that all your names match exactly, we can avoid confusion and maintain smooth communication and coordination within the Org. Thank you for your cooperation.

3. Join ADI on the RSI website

Please visit our RSI Org page - the link is below. Once there, click the 'Join us now!' button and enter your handle in the 'Your application:' box. Please make sure you are not part of another organization in-game - ADI is an exclusive org. Also, make sure you've selected 'VISIBLE' as your membership type. ADI does not accept AFFILIATE, HIDDEN or REDACTED memberships. Then click SUBMIT.

4. Sign up on the ADI Forums

All official communication within ADI is done on our private forums.

Click on this link to create an account (Microsoft - hotmail, outlook, Live addresses are not presently allowed). Once you've made one, visit the Introductions forum and follow the application instructions there. Please note that as a new account, you won't see your introduction post until a staff member approves it.

Sign up on the ADI Forums here

5. Join our Discord

All members of ADI are required to use our ADI Discord for voice communications while playing in the Verse.

  • We strongly recommend that you use a headset and make sure it's set up properly.
  • Please make sure you're in a quiet area, or turn on push-to-talk by going to your Discord 'User Settings' > 'Voice & Video'. Change 'Input Mode' to 'Push to Talk'. Once you click 'Push to Talk' you can set up the 'Shortcut' hotkey just below the 'Input Mode' settings.

Step 6. Choose a Member Division to Join

During your onboarding, you will be asked which of our Member Divisions you would like to join and which Role you would prefer. While your choice doesn't limit you, you may want to pick the Division and Role that match best with your desired gameplay experience in Star Citizen. If you haven't yet, please review the Member Division pages for information on the various options.

Step 7. Participate in an Onboarding

ADI wants to make sure we have quality members who will mesh with the group from day 1. To achieve this, we do a voice interview with every prospective member. This gives you the chance to ask questions about the Org and get familiar with us and our culture.

  1. Join our Discord and post a hello message in the #Lobby channel. Here is the link to Discord in case you missed it.
  2. Hop into the #waiting_room voice channel and wait there for a staff member to greet you. One of them will come shortly and will move you to a private channel and proceed to onboard you.*

*Note: If somebody doesn't greet you in a few minutes, look in the Discord 'who's online' panel for a staff member. Right click on their name, and click on 'Message'. Explain to them you're new and would like to join ADI.

Welcome to ADI!