Contract Support Services

Contract and Support Services covers game play areas that are connected with in-game contracts or where Atlas Defense Industries (ADI) members can provide a service to other members or players in general.

Contract services refer to missions or actions where members provide a specific service to another party in exchange for payment. These services can range from bounty contracts, data gathering contracts, or other contract missions offered through the in-game mission system. Contract services may also include outsourced work from members or other players once such a system is available. Contract services provide excellent opportunities for members to experience game play while growing their credit balance.

Support services are in-game services or activities provided to players or Orgs to help them meet a specific need or requirement. These services can include medical support; ship services like repair, rearming, and refueling; and engineering support for both ship and facility-based components. Support services are essential to mission success and can improve productivity, efficiency, and positive outcomes by meeting the necessary requirements to achieve success.


CSS Leadership




Assistant Director


Team Leader


Team Leader


Team Leader


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Team Leader


FPS Focused Contracts

Getting up close and personal with criminals or providing security against those that prey on the weakness of others are central missions of members that specialize in FPS Focused Contracts. Members who choose this area specialize in pursuing, capturing, or otherwise eliminating criminals on the ground through fulfilling bounty hunting contracts. They provide player security protection by placing themselves between the escort and the threat and by being a visible deterrent. Those opting for a less visible profession utilize their covert skills to stealthily infiltrate areas to retrieve vital information or perform delicate tasks requiring the utmost secrecy. These are the starter professions for members interested in becoming full-time Fleet Security ground staff or specialists.




Security Contractor

A Security Contractor is a highly skilled member who is responsible for providing contract security services for ADI and its clients. They will perform various security tasks such as protection of assets, VIP escort, and investigation of security breaches. In particular, Security Contractors will be responsible for performing ground-based missions related to bounty hunting and other security-related contracts. They must possess extensive knowledge of security procedures, tactics, and techniques, as well as excellent problem-solving and decision-making skills. Additionally, they must maintain strong situational awareness and adaptability to operate effectively in changing environments. The Security Contractor may work independently or as part of a team, and will report directly to their assigned mission leader or supervisor.

Senior levels should include providing FPS protection onboard ships and on the ground for player characters.


Infiltration Operator

Infiltration Operators are members with specialized skills in covert operations and infiltrating denied areas. They will be responsible for gathering intelligence, gathering data, or performing other tasks that require discretion and secrecy. The operator may work independently or as part of a team, using specialized equipment and training to infiltrate areas unnoticed. They may also be required to provide reconnaissance support for larger operations and provide support in other areas as needed.


Air / Space Focused Contracts

Criminals and otherwise nefarious players do not stay on a planet's surface or in cities. Being able to engage within the air and space areas of operations is essential to ensuring the safety, security, and success of ADI members and our Org. Members who choose this area specialize in pursuing, capturing, or otherwise eliminating criminals in the air or in space through fulfilling bounty hunting contracts. They provide protection and escort services by placing themselves between the principal asset and any risk, ready to engage and eliminate threats when called upon. In addition, members in this area are responsible for ensuring vital data is collected, safeguarded, and transmitted. These are the starter professions for members interested in becoming full-time Fleet Security air/space staff or specialists.




Protection Pilot

These members will specialize in providing escort and bounty hunting services to clients within the Verse. They will have demonstrated proficiency in piloting spacecraft and engaging in dogfighting tactics to defend their clients from hostile forces. As a Protection Pilot, they will be responsible for ensuring the safe transportation and successful completion of missions for their clients.


Data Runner

Data Runners are experienced pilots who specialize in transporting valuable information across the galaxy. They are responsible for securely transferring data from one location to another and ensuring that the information arrives safely and on time. They must be skilled at evading detection and intercept and have a thorough understanding of encryption protocols and other methods of securing sensitive information. Data Runners must be able to work independently, adapt to new situations quickly, and communicate effectively with clients and other members of their team.



The dangers of Star Citizen are numerous. Combat encounters, the harshness of space, and the often unforgiving environment all pose a constant and serious threat to your health and longevity. Medical support refers to all aspects of healthcare services and resources available in Star Citizen. This support can come in many forms, such as emergency medical services, hospital care, medication, evacuation, and transport. Medical support is crucial for maintaining the health and well-being of members, and can be provided by a wide range of medical professionals, including physicians, technicians, and rescue professionals. These are the starter professions for members interested in providing combat medic and search and rescue services.




Medical Technician

The Medical Technicians are responsible for providing immediate medical support to players who have been injured in the Verse. They work both in stationary locations and aboard large ships, providing essential medical services to the crew. These technicians must be able to handle emergency situations and possess the necessary medical expertise to administer first aid and stabilize patients until they can be transported to a safe location for further treatment.


Emergency Medical Technician

These members specialize in emergency medical recovery and have demonstrated expertise in healing, moving, and recovering downed players in hostile combat environments. They work in small teams to provide emergency medical services to injured players and coordinate with other members of the team to ensure the safety of everyone involved.


Rescue Pilot

The Rescue Pilot is an expert in flying non-combat medical ships into hostile environments and supporting onboard medics during recovery missions. They have a deep understanding of navigation, emergency procedures, and advanced piloting techniques to ensure the safe transport of injured players. In addition to their flying skills, they have extensive knowledge of medical equipment and procedures to provide support to onboard medics during emergency situations. The Rescue Pilot is a vital member of the team, playing a critical role in ensuring the safe and successful recovery of injured players in the Verse.



Physicians are highly skilled medical professionals who provide advanced medical care to players in need. They have extensive knowledge of treating various injuries and illnesses, including replacing limbs and providing complex medical services. Physicians may also supervise or lead teams of medical personnel, ensuring that all patients receive the best possible care. They are required to have excellent communication skills and the ability to work well under pressure, especially during critical medical emergencies. Additionally, physicians must stay up-to-date with the latest medical advancements and technologies to provide the most effective care to their patients.


Ship Support

Just as your body needs care and sustenance, ships need resources and attention. Ship refueling, rearming, and repair are essential tasks for maintaining the operational readiness of a vessel. Refueling ensures that the ship has the necessary fuel to continue its mission, while rearming is crucial to maintain ship's offensive and defensive capabilities. Repair is vital to maintaining the structural integrity of the ship as well as its operational systems, which include engines, propulsion, electrical systems, and weapons. These tasks can be completed at base or while the ship is operating in space. And when all else fails, you need members skilled in towing the ship to safety for more extensive repairs. Efficient and effective management of these tasks is crucial to ensure that ships remain operational and capable of fulfilling their mission.


Ship Support


Refueling Technician

As a Refueling Technician, you will be responsible for providing refueling services to ADI, as well as other members and players of the game. You will need to operate fueling equipment and safely transfer fuel to ships, ensuring that they have enough fuel to reach their destination. You will also be responsible for keeping track of fuel inventory and ordering additional fuel when needed. Additionally, you may need to provide technical support to pilots if they encounter any issues during the refueling process. The ability to work efficiently and under pressure is essential, as you may need to refuel multiple ships in a short amount of time during critical operations.


Rearming Technician

Rearming Technicians are responsible for replenishing weapons and ammunition on starships. They work closely with pilots and crew to ensure the weapons systems are fully operational and prepared for combat situations. Rearming Technicians must have knowledge of various types of weapons and ammunition and understand the specific needs of each ship they are working on. They must also have a keen eye for detail to ensure that the weapons systems are functioning properly and safely.


Hull Repair Technician

Hull Repair Technicians specialize in the repair and maintenance of spaceship hulls, ground vehicle and ship armor plating, body repair, flight control surfaces, and cockpit / canopy repairs. They work closely with Ship Engineers to repair the physical structures that house ship and vehicle components, repair and improve ship flight characteristics by repairing and servicing flight control surfaces, and improve the survivability of ships and vehicles through the addition and repair of physical armor.


Towing Technician

Towing Technicians are responsible for safely and efficiently moving disabled or inoperable ships to designated locations for repair or storage. They work closely with pilots and ship maintenance crews to assess the condition of the ship and determine the best towing method to use. Towing Technicians must have a strong understanding of ship mechanics and be able to operate a variety of specialized towing equipment. In addition, they must have strong communication skills and be able to work well under pressure, as they may be called upon to handle emergency situations.



Star Citizen ships and facilities are complex machines that rely on numerous systems and components to operate safely and efficiently. These systems can include propulsion systems, electrical systems, navigation systems, power plants, communication systems, and many others. Over time, these systems and components can become damaged, worn out, or malfunction, which can compromise safety and efficiency. To maintain the integrity of these systems and components, engineers must have a thorough understanding of the vessel or factory's systems and be skilled in repairing and replacing damaged or faulty components. Having a qualified engineer is critical to ensuring that ships and machines can continue to operate safely and efficiently, and it requires a high level of expertise and attention to detail to be successful.




Ship Engineer

As a Ship Engineer, your primary responsibilities will be operating and maintaining shipboard systems, including subcomponents and the power grid. You will be responsible for diagnosing and repairing any mechanical or electrical issues that arise during operation, as well as conducting routine maintenance tasks to ensure the ship is running at optimal efficiency. Additionally, you will be required to work closely with other crew members to coordinate repairs and upgrades to the ship's systems as necessary. A strong understanding of shipboard systems and the ability to work under pressure in a high-stakes environment will be critical for success in this role.


Facility Engineer

As a Facility Engineer, your primary responsibilities will be maintaining and running planetoid-based facilities. You will be responsible for diagnosing and repairing any mechanical, electrical, or environmental issues that arise during operation, as well as conducting routine maintenance tasks to ensure the facility is running at optimal efficiency. Additionally, you will be required to work closely with other crew members to coordinate repairs and upgrades to the facility's systems as necessary. A strong understanding of facility systems and the ability to work under pressure in a high-stakes environment will be critical for success in this role.