Jobs and Roles in Fleet Security

A marine is the well-equipped, well-trained unit who lives on the dropship, waiting to pour out and storm a hostile ship or to repel an enemy boarding. These troops are on the front line of a lot of fights, and will be trained to the highest standard to ensure the best performance possible.
Marine Pilot
Flying ground personnel - quite the contradiction. These squad members will drop off and then provide close air support for ground troops. Someone needs to drop the boots on the ground, and that would be these pilots.
Weapon Systems Officer
A crewman aboard multi-crew ships who specializes in manning all manner of offensive and defensive weapon system stations. They are vital during any multi-crew engagement - large capital ships require the diligent skill of WSO’s to keep them in one piece and take the other ship apart.
Electronic Warfare Officer
Do you like disabling ships using electrical storms? Perhaps you also like negating the effects of electrical storms on your own ship? Maybe you should consider this position then, as you’ll be operating offensive and defensive electronic warfare systems aboard all manner of space vessels.
Combat Pilot
There are plenty of folks who, for whatever reason, decide to attack the fleet. Whether they're pirates, alien soldiers, or just a guy with grudge, you and your elite piloting skills will stop them dead in their tracks. There’s a line that you fly, and no enemy ship gets past.
Fleet Pilot
Hop in that capital ship, soldier, and get in the pilot’s seat. Your skills are highly sought after, as large spaceships are complex creatures and require a knowledgeable mind and a steady hand. If that wasn't hard enough, you’ll be piloting in a very dynamic situation: combat.


Senior Director - Commanding Officer
[email protected]


Director of Capital Fleet
[email protected]


Director of Air Group


Assistant Director of Capital Fleet - EURO
[email protected]


Assistant Director of Marines - US West Coast
[email protected]


Assistant Director of Air Group - US West Coast
[email protected]


Assistant Director of Marines - US East Coast
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Team Leader - Capital Fleet - US West Coast


Team Leader - Capital Fleet - US East Coast


Team Leader - Air Group - EURO


Team Leader - Air Group - EURO


Team Leader - Marines - US West Coast


Team Leader - Marines - US East Coast


Team Leader - Marines - US East Coast


Team Leader - Marines - US East Coast

Fleet Security

Any organization needs protection in one form or another. Protection on commerce runs and mining operations, protection from pirates, or Vanduul skirmishes - Fleet Security is the defensive division within ADI. Its role is to protect all organization concerns from attack: because of this, Fleet Security has a high requirement of commitment and training from its pilots. In turn, these pilots will be higher skilled than others and therefore able to stay alive longer. ADI is committed to creating the best pilots in the galaxy for its Fleet Security team.