Rules & Policies

At Atlas Defense Industries (ADI), we take our three core rules very seriously. We realize that people causing drama and being jerks ruins the fun for everyone around them and the last thing we want is for our members to not be having fun. With that in mind, violation of those two rules will generally be met with a single, strong warning. After that, drama llamas and jerks will be asked to go play elsewhere.

We also realize that people have lives: jobs, family, and other responsibilities. When we say "real life comes first", we mean it. You will never get in trouble, get ridiculed, or be looked down on for handling real life and not being able to attend an op, or a meeting, or any other Org activity.


The Three Rules

Rule #1 - Don't be a jerk

The purpose of this rule is rather simple, we want to provide an enjoyable environment and that isn't helped if somebody is being purposefully rude, disruptive or childish. That sort of attitude creates a hostile environment, which isn't an enjoyable environment to be in. You wouldn't want someone being an asshat in your home, and neither do we.

Rule #2 - No drama

This is one of the rules we stress the most. This ranges from grumbling about decisions and personal opinions, to openly stirring up ill feeling in a malicious way. If you ever at any point encounter a problem which causes disagreement, whether it be an Org decision or an argument with staff or a member, please bring it to the attention of a director in a calm manner; instead of venting it in public forums.

Rule #3 - Real life first

At ADI we all understand that there are concerns that exist outside of the Org and the game. Most of us have jobs or school, and a lot of us have families. There are external pressures and ADI will never ask you to put your role within the Org or Star Citizen ahead of your real life. Whenever you have to take a break, just make a post in the forums and someone will quickly respond with "Don't worry, real life first." And that is how it should be.


Multi-Org Official Policy

ADI requires that you join as an exclusive, primary member of our Org.

The primary reasoning behind this is to ensure there are no conflicts of interest in the event that hostilities break out. No matter what happens, you know that your org mates will always have your back, not the other guy's.

Requests to affiliate to other Orgs are limited, handled on a case by case basis, and must follow the ADI Culture Guidelines below.


ADI Culture


All leadership positions in ADI (Division Heads, Team Leaders, Recruiters, etc) must be primary members of the ADI Org. Org tags and signatures must be visible at all times. Membership in affiliate Orgs must be approved on a case by case basis.


Membership in ADI requires all members to be a primary member of the ADI Org and must not be set as affiliate. They may join 'club style' affiliate Orgs, but leadership reserves the right to black list Orgs, or prohibit membership if said membership poses a security risk to ADI.


At no time may any member of ADI be associated with a pirate Org.


Attempts to hide or redact Org status from ADI leadership or the general public will result in the immediate termination of any member caught doing so, in all cases. Even if the affiliate Org membership in and of itself is not a violation of the Multi-Org Policy.


ADI Age Policy

ADI has a policy on the age at which people may join. A majority of our members are older, and the atmosphere is mature, which means that we usually take on 16+ members. However, there are exceptions and age related rules that need to be highlighted.

As already pointed out, ADI primarily accepts those players who are sixteen years or older. However, those younger than sixteen years old are reviewed on a case by case basis to determine whether they are mature enough to be accepted into ADI. As a general rule, we allow members of a family to join the Org.

There are rooms in our Discord server which have age restrictions that must be followed. This is because said areas are more mature, and it wouldn't be appropriate to allow younger members access. There are many rooms that do not have this restriction that are very active, so this is not a restraint on your interaction with Org members.


Expanded Policies

Voice Communication Rules

  • ADI does NOT allow the advertisement or invitation using any ADI venue (forums, discord or any DM) to other COMMUNITIES or private voice/chat servers (gaming or otherwise) at any time to other ADI members without explicit permission from the Board.

  • Members are expected to use the ADI Discord server(s) when playing Star Citizen.

  • Members must have a functional microphone at all times when on the Discord server.

    • Push to talk (PTT) should be used at all times while playing a game.
    • PTT is mandatory if you are in a loud environment or your microphone starts to 'hot mic'. If you choose to use Vox you must have a key bound to mute Discord.
    • We strongly encourage the use of a headset, it's the member's responsibility to keep environmental noise to a reasonable level. A headset is REQUIRED for all formal Org operations.
  • Members are encouraged to invite friends, family, or individuals to our Discord server at any time as long as they follow ADI rules. 'Member Created Channels' is the place to create temporary channels for playing other games or having off topic conversation. The channel should be named to clearly identify the game or subject of the channel. All members of ADI are welcome to join any sub-channel under 'Member Created Channels' at any time. ** If you're streaming the channel, please make sure the channel name indicates streaming is taking place.

General Rules

  • Members will treat each other with respect, and promote fellowship within the community.

  • Members will follow the chain of command whenever possible.

  • Members are expected to actively participate in the community. This includes logging into the forums and Discord at least once per month.

  • Members may also be expected to learn and follow additional procedures specific to playing Star Citizen.

  • Membership is not guaranteed and can be revoked at any time.

  • Blue versus Blue training can only be conducted when led and coordinated by an SD+ or a Fleet Security AD+.

  • Testing of ships and equipment is allowed by a member but:

    1. Must eliminate variables to make the test valid.
    2. All parties must agree to the testing and understand the possible outcomes (character death).
    3. Any information found must be reported in a post on the Member Forum with the test criteria and results.
    4. Testing is non-competitive. Do not use it as an excuse to do BvB training.
  • Members are allowed to have alternate accounts however all alternate accounts must also be members of ADI and follow the same rules and policies. Members should contact a staff member to get their alternate account registered.