Welcome to ADI

The largest exclusive Org in the Verse!

Atlas Defense Industries (ADI) is bringing together people from all walks of life, from stay-at-home moms to doctors, lawyers, artists, and musicians. We believe that having members with diverse backgrounds and a wide array of skills and knowledge will help all of our members be successful in anything they want to do in the Star Citizen Universe. We have divisions that cover every known gameplay loop and have members who are more than happy to teach new members how to be successful with any of those activities.

All of this, and more, is within a truly exclusive Org, which means that when things go sideways, you will always know that every single ADI member has your back, and they will know you have theirs.

Does this sound like home to you? If so, start your membership application now!

Org Rules

#1 Don't be a Jerk

#2 No Drama

#3 Real Life First


Exclusive Membership

ADI is the largest truly exclusive Org in the Verse, with members who share our values and a commitment to teamwork. Our ongoing training and development programs help our skilled players stay at the top of their game, and our community is built on a foundation of communication, mutual respect, and fair gameplay. Join our exclusive community of like-minded gamers and become part of a team that works together to achieve our goals and create a better gaming experience for everyone. Apply to become a member of ADI today.


What makes ADI unique?

ADI stands out from other Orgs in the Verse thanks to our combination of size, exclusivity, and focus on teamwork. Our highly active membership of dedicated daily players means that you'll always find fellow gamers to play with, while our commitment to exclusivity ensures that all members share our values and are committed to upholding them. Our ongoing training and development programs help our skilled players stay at the top of their game, and our emphasis on fair gameplay creates a community of like-minded gamers who work together to achieve our goals. If you're looking for a unique gaming experience with a community that values teamwork, communication, and mutual respect, apply to become a member of ADI today.


Experienced Leadership

Founded in 2013 by members of Task Force 88, ADI has grown into one of the largest and most respected Orgs in the Star Citizen Universe thanks to our mature and experienced leadership. We believe that gaming should be fun and enjoyable, which is why we focus on creating a relaxed and mature environment where everyone can make friends and have a good time. If you're looking for an experienced and dedicated community of like-minded gamers, join ADI today and become part of our family.

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