Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries

Atlas Defense Industries (ADI) is one of the largest (and still fastest growing) organizations in the Star Citizen community. Founded in the spring of 2013 by an 18 person leadership team, ADI's original leadership and membership came from a simulator-gaming background with significant experience running large clans in a number of games (Falcon 4 BMS, Arma 2 and 3, and DCS).

ADI's leadership team has background in running top 10 organizations over the course of the last 14 years, some going all the way back to WWIIOL in June 2001. Outside of gaming, the leadership team (and our members) has a variety of real world experience, including many members with prior military service, and even experienced military trained pilots.


ADI is a certificate-based organization. Members will be required to obtain a certificate for any and all gameplay roles in Star Citizen. This will ensure a level of quality and skill amongst the membership, so that you can rest assured that your fellow organization members will have your back and be qualified in their roles. Most of these certifications will be straightforward and easy to obtain - just making sure that you can perform the normal in-game tasks relevant to that role. Others will require members to develop a level of high proficiency and prowess, and reaching that level will require dedication and training to achieve. ADI will provide training material and regularly scheduled opportunities to allow members to grow and hone their skill set.


ADI strives to be the strongest and most successful gaming community possible, and that can only be achieved with dedication. To that end, divided loyalties have no place within our organization: members must play as part of the official ADI group in any supported game.


We do everything we can to provide a mature and relaxing environment for our members. The large majority of us have graduated high school, even college, and are in the workforce: drama isn’t our thing. We are laid back, casual, familiar, and hospitable, which provides the best possible environment for discussion and gaming. Everyone having a good time is what we’re about, because that’s what’s important to us.


We try to keep the leadership structure as simple as possible - it saves us time and makes it easy for members to follow the chain of command with issues and questions. From the top down:
- Board Members: Responsible for the entire organization.
- Senior Directors: Responsible for major ADI-wide staff shops or significant Star Citizen divisions.
- Directors: Oversee divisions and dedicated Star Citizen staff shops.
- Assistant Directors: Responsible for time zones of divisions or major division sub-groups.
- Team Leads: Help members and ADs within divisions.

Which division is right for me?

ADI has six primary divisions for incoming members, each with a number of jobs and positions to choose from. Please take a few minutes to look at any or all of the division pages that interest you. Your onboarder will be happy to answer any questions.

C&T pilots are dedicated to transporting cargo across the galaxy to help turn a profit. It may be dangerous work at times, but it pays off in the end. If making money is your thing, get yourself a hauler and join up with C&T.
If you enjoy using large lasers to carve wealth and riches from hulking chunks of space rock or EVA-ing through ship graveyards looking for valuable parts, then M&S is the division for you.
E&S is for those who long to discover what lies in the furthest reaches of space: the most interesting planets, most valuable resources, and the newest jump points. If you want to boldly go where no citizen has gone before, talk to E&S.
PCS fulfills a variety of roles within the game - anything from hunting down fugitives, reclaiming lost cargo, or assessing the security of our clients' commercial ventures.
These folks keep ADI running smoothly - if you're interested in making sure ships are repaired, refueled, and re-deployed right away, or dispatching specialized personnel like doctors or engineers, MSS is the place to be.
FS is the high-performance defensive arm of ADI. These are the highly trained crewmen, engineers, marines, officers, and pilots that fly everything from single seat fighters to capital ships, all to keep our ships safe.

I'm Ready to Join

Now that you're ready to join, please take a few minutes to follow the six steps below, and welcome to the team!

Step 1. Read the rules

  • Rule #1: Don't be a jerk.
  • Rule #2: Don't cause drama.
  • Rule #3: Real life comes first.

If members break any of these rules more than once, they will be asked to leave ADI.

  • The rules are really that simple, but to help we've posted explanations of each on our rules page.

  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to read and understand the rules and policies of the organization. By joining ADI you are acknowledging that you have reviewed them. If you have any questions, please ask the person on-boarding you for any clarifications needed.

    ADI Rules

  • Step 2. Verify all your names match

    In an org of this size, record-keeping is a headache, and mismatched names creates big problems. Make sure your ADI forum account name matches your RSI handle and moniker. NOTE: We do not allow spaces, special characters or more than one dash or underscore in a name.

    • Please make sure your RSI handle and moniker match: click here for detailed instructions on how to change them if necessary.
    • Make sure your ADI forum account name matches your RSI handle and moniker. NOTE: We do not allow spaces or other special characters on our forums excerpt for a single - or _ and they can not be at the beginning or end of your name.
    • Name must be easily pronounceable, must not be tactically confusing (i.e. "Contact 01"), limit "Leet" speak, no racists or sexual innuendo.
    • Make sure your Mumble callsign matches your RSI handle/moniker and your ADI forums name.

    Step 3. Join ADI on the RSI website

    Please visit our RSI Org page - the link is below. Once there, click the 'Join us now!' button and enter your handle in the 'Your application:' box.

    Please make sure you are not part of another organization in­game - ADI is an exclusive org.

    Also, make sure you've selected 'VISIBLE' as your membership type. ADI does not accept AFFILIATE, HIDDEN or REDACTED memberships. Then click SUBMIT.

    ADI Org on RSI

    Step 4. Sign up on the forums

    All official communication within ADI is done on our private forums.

    Click on this link to create an account (yahoo and Microsoft - hotmail, outlook, Live) addresses are not presently allowed). Once you've made one, visit the Introductions forum and follow the application instructions there. Please note that as a new account, you won't see your introduction post until a staff member approves it.

    ADI Forums

    Step 5. Get on Mumble

    All members of ADI are required to use our voice communications server. Set up Mumble.

    • We strongly recommend that you use a headset and have made sure it's set up properly.
    • Please make sure you're in a quiet area, or turn on push-to-talk by going to configure and settings on Mumble. Change transmit to 'push to talk'. You can set up the push-to-talk hotkey in shortcuts on the same screen.
    • Once you're set up, connect to our server (address in the instructions below) and a staff member will find you in the lobby.

    Mumble Setup Instructions

    Step 6. Participate in onboarding

    ADI wants to make sure we have quality members who will mesh with the group from day 1. To achieve this, we do a voice interview with every prospective member. This gives you the chance to ask questions about the organization and get familiar with us and our culture.

    1. Connect to mumble.
    2. If somebody doesn't greet you in a few seconds, look for members with |P|, |TL|, |AD|, or {D} next to their name.
    3. Right click on their name, and click on 'send message'. Explain to them you're new and would like to join ADI.
    4. One of them will come shortly and will move you to a private channel and proceed to onboard you.
    5. Towards the end of the onboarding, you will be provided a link to our ADI Discord which is required.