ADI Server Cost - March 2023

With any online group this size, the costs of running the organization website, servers, and over head for hosting our servers in a Tier 1 data center.

Donations are completely voluntary, and no member is ever required to donate as a member of ADI.

ADI Ship Fund

The ship fund helps the entire organization to purchase larger ships (for exclusive use by ADI) to build the organization and run organization events.

The goal in buying these ships is to offer access to areas, and types of game play, that would not be available to individual players (and smaller organizations) on the first day of Star Citizen.

Ship Fund Donation Rules

  • Donations are voluntary. No one is ever required to donate as a member of ADI.
  • Donations are Non-Refundable. Don't donate unless you're sure you want to.
  • Donations are limited to increments between $10 and $100 dollars per donation.
    • Why at least $10? Fees related to donations are higher below that amount.
    • Why no more than $100? While we’re all committed to ADI. We want to keep a realistic cap on donations. So people don't expect something in return.

We hope that answers all of your questions regarding ADI Ship Fund donations.
If you have more questions - Please feel free to post them in our forums or speak with a member of Senior Leadership on mumble.