Jobs and Roles in Private Contract Services

Data Specialist
Our intelligence consultants provide meticulous insight to match our clients' needs: using a transgalactic network, these individuals offer risk-analysis, electronic warfare, listening post activities, system disruption, and infiltration, all while maintaining discretion and client confidentiality.
Bounty Hunter
The bounty hunters of ADI will pick up contracts to bring back, or kill, bounties from across the galaxy. Working both in groups and alone, these men and women will be expected to perform with efficient professionalism to please the client, and bring back the bounty.
Private Security Specialist
These security specialists provide individual and group protection on the ground (ships and planets). They utilize information from our security agents and are trained in entry control, ship/station security, and safety-on-the-move in dangerous areas, helping our clients feel safe and secure.
Protection Pilot
ADI’s convoy specialists dedicate themselves to the needs of individuals seeking protection from hostile pilots. Whether it is guaranteeing safe travel or offering protection in high-threat environments - the number one goal for ADI’s convoy specialists is the safety of our clients.



Assistant Director
US West Coast
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Team Leader
US West Coast


Team Leader
US West Coast


Team Leader
US East Coast


Team Leader

Private Contract Services

The leadership of Atlas Defense Industries recognizes the value of protection: every cargo mission and mining run revolves around adequate support. Any loss, whether by pirate or freak accident, is extremely annoying, and the Private Contract Services division was formed to help in just these situations. Whether property has been stolen, protection is required, or a bounty is placed - ADI’s PCS division is ready and trained to take on these rewarding tasks. If these roles were the reason you entered the ‘Verse, then they’re the reason you’ll join PCS.