Jobs and Roles in Mission Support Services

Resupply Specialist
A specialist in this area has a whole host of training to help them fill a vital role within the organization - supplying the fuel which keeps ADI running smoothly. A specialist in this role must operate quickly but carefully to keep ships moving on with their missions.
Repair Specialist
Using advanced tools and ships, repair specialists get up close and personal with damaged ships to get them ready for service in the field. Whether operating in safety or in hostile areas, this is always an important position requiring a skilled player with vital training and expertise.
SAR Paramedic
Often enough pilots may find themselves stranded in a difficult situation: with a ship too damaged to operate, or worse, none at all. Stranded on a space station, or drifting amongst an on-going battle, wounded and dying. A SAR paramedic operates in hostile situations to recover anyone struggling to stay alive.
Search and Rescue Pilot
Powering a ship full of medics up to the wreckage of an Idris, heavily injured comrades visible through a breach in the hull, these pilots masterfully guide their crafts up to the injured vessel, positioning the ship so that the medics can rush aboard and start rescuing the wounded. Once the injured are aboard, they zip back through the fray, delivering everyone safe and sound to the nearest medical facility.
Medical Specialist
Based aboard medium to large multicrew ships, these members will be available to provide medical assistance to anyone injured in combat to keep the crew able to function and fight. Medical specialist are also trained to use certain stations aboard ships, particularly the sensors, giving these members a wide array of skills.
News Specialist
Members in this field have specialized in gathering news from around the ‘Verse and reproducing it in a clean,understandable format. The most important skill players in this profession learn is how to source information from credible locations, getting numerous angles to provide the most likely version of the truth. A real reporter.
An engineer is taught how to manage power flow, stem damage by putting out fires, and regulate damaged systems. This role is essential in combat scenarios on the larger captial ships. Engineers are also taught how to operate ship sensors used in scenarios like tracking friendly and hostile ships.
A biologist is a specialist at cultivating plants and all manner of farming procedures. Artists at maximizing production and managing consumption, these members are invaluable for their ability to keep up a profitable and useful supply of botanical products. Meticulous and dedicated players needed.
Science Officer
A science officer will be a ship-bound member aboard the medium to larger ships. Trained to use and interpret more intricate ship sensors, these members will help plot anomalies in space, read sensor data coming in to build astronomical charts, and carry out investigations on the nature of discoveries made by ADI.
Overclocking Specialist
Many are familiar with the concept of overclocking, but few are trained in it, and only specialists are experts in it. A specialist will be trained in how to tweak shield, weapons, engines and most equipment onboard their ship to get the most out of it possible. This is an invaluable position in a game where the slightest advantage can win a battle or a trade war.



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Mission Support Services

These folks keep ADI running smoothly - if you're interested in making sure ships are repaired, refueled, and re-deployed right away, or dispatching specialized personnel like doctors, engineers, and scientists, MSS is the place to be.