Jobs and Roles in Mining & Salvage

Mining Specialist
These specialists assist on mining platforms during operations to retrieve resources. They will carry the responsibility of working certain important mining stations, and the job can lead down a path of further training to qualify as a lead mining or refinery specialist aboard large multi-crew vessels.
Mining Prospector
A prospector is trained and skilled in the art of using ship sensors to detect large deposits of useful material, and relaying this information to the Lead Mining Specialists so the resources can be wrenched out of the floating rock. This is a vital position, whether aboard a small, specially fitted prospecting ship, or onboard platforms like the Orion.
Salvage Specialist
A salvage specialist is our entry position in M&S for salvage operators. This job will see you join trained crews on missions to learn the ropes of salvaging wrecks or derelict structures. Finding gold in the dirt this job leads onto further training and certifications, finally qualifying as a Lead Salvage Specialist.



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Mining and Salvage

The Mining and Salvage division of ADI is part of the commercial backbone of the organization. Members of this division will take part in massive scale mining operations on Orion mining platforms as pilots, prospectors and equipment operators, as well as on continuous salvage operations for anything left drifting. This division works hand in hand with Exploration & Survey and Commerce & Transportation, meaning that members in this division will be exposed to numerous parts of ADI’s activities, making it a very rewarding place to be.