Jobs and Roles in Industry and Manufacturing

Construction Specialist
An ADI construction specialist oversees the entirety of a project from start to finish. They are responsible for planning, budgeting and overseeing progress of the project and all its complexities. Depending on the size of the project they will work with other divisions as necessary to see the project is properly is resourced and protected.
Facility Specialist
Operating from both space and ground, the facility specialist oversees and directs the production of manufactured products, agricultural goods, medical supplies and conducts research as necessary for the organization and the commercial market. These specialists also ensure that production stays on schedule, while monitoring and planning for production changes.


Industry and Manufacturing

The Industry and Manufacturing division of ADI engages in the transformation of goods, materials and substances into new products. Members of this division assemble components to be used in the creation of physical structures such as planetary modular buildings. This division works hand in hand with Commerce & Transportation and Mining & Salvage which generates life throughout Industry and Manufacturing and the expansion of ADI throughout the verse.