Jobs and Roles in Exploration & Survey

Survey Pilot
If you want to fly out to new and interesting galactic locations in your one-of-a-kind personal exploration vessel, this is the job for you. You’ll jump and quantum to locations where only some have gone before. Seeing the sites from the safety of your cockpit is always a good choice, right?
Survey Scout
Members in this position thrive on placing their foot on the planet surface; locating new resources, lost technologies and alien races - living or gone. Helping ADI map out the ‘Verse from the ground, and giving us an edge by being the first people there.



Assistant Director - US East


Assistant Director - EURO
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Assistant Director - West Coast


Team Leader - East Coast


Team Leader - West Coast


Team Leader - West Coast


Team Leader - West Coast


Team Leader - US East


Team Leader - EU


Team Leader - US East

Exploration and Survey

The Exploration & Survey division of ADI is home to the methodical wanderers of the organization, tasked with charting everything from jump points and asteroid fields to space anomalies and planetary ruins. These men and women are expected to go off to the darkest reaches of the galaxy to categorize all they come across, explore all the things they find and don't know, and report back on all they unearth. This is an exciting division for anyone looking for a challenge, in both deep and known space, with the potential of interesting discoveries around every star.