Atlas Defense Industries (ADI) was formed in 2013 by members of the ArmA group Task Force 88 to focus on Star Citizen. Our combined effort and experience in gaming and real life has grown ADI into one of the largest organizations in Star Citizen. ADI members enjoy a wide variety of games from flight simulation to FPS and more, and we wanted to support and enjoy a variety of online games. We focus on teamwork, organization, and developing a relaxed and mature environment for gaming while making friends.

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ADI Server Cost - October 2019

With any online group this size, the costs of running the organization website, servers, and over head for hosting our ..
  Start date: Oct, 1 2019   End date: Oct, 31 2019
$ 250.00 Raised
$ 330.00 Goal

ADI Ship Fund

The ship fund helps the entire organization to purchase larger ships (for exclusive use by ADI) to build the organization ..
$ 374.19 Raised
$ 2,700.00 Goal