Setup Instructions for Mumble Voice Chat

for Windows PC, iOS (iPhone, iPad), and Android Devices 

 Windows PC - XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Download Mumble onto your computer - Download Page


Launch setup wizard



Accept License Agreement



Install only the mumble Client, and if you want to change the install location, this is where to do so



Confirm the install



After install, the audio wizard will launch



Choose your microphone source in the input device section, and speakers (either headphones or computer speakers) from the output device section. Also, disable positional audio to limit any audio issues you may have



Play with the slider if you wish to get a preferred voice output on this screen



Follow the instructions to adjust the volume tuning to your preferred screen. When speaking at a low whisper, the bar should not be more than ¼ of the green bar



Change the Voice Activation to push to talk, and choose a keystroke to activate it



Choose your quality settings (balanced is fine), and choose your notifications settings.



Choose whether you want to submit stats to mumble or not



Select New Certificate



Enter your forum name and an email address



Choose a safe place to save your certificate, in the event that you loose your main certificate. We recommend your Google Drive as a location to save your backup.



Select Finish



Add a new server to bring up the server wizard



Fill in the below info



Port: 64738 (default)

Username: Your ADI forum name

Label - default or custom nickname



Select the new server list for ADI and connect



If prompted with failed certificate, accept the certificate anyways



If you see this screen, you're in! Wait for a member of staff to help you and continue with the onboarding. 


To disable Voice messages, choose configure -> settings



Select Messages, UNCHECK all the text-to-speech boxes, hit apply



iOS - iPhone, iPad, iPod

Search Mumble on the app store, and tap the application to open its page



Click the install cloud/”GET” button



Open the app and either allow or disallow push notifications



Choose preferences



Click transmission



Change to push to talk



Go to favorite servers and add a new server



Enter the information as shown below


Description, custom to your preference


Port: 64738 (default)

Username: your ADI forum name

Password: leave blank! No password for server



Once done, you should see live stats for users and ping, click the server listing to connect


Android Devices


Launch the google play store


 Search for "Plumble" and download. Free version is fine for normal use

Install on your device

Once Launched, Accept the access requests

Generate a certificate for use (you can import your mumble certificate at a later time)

Click the menu icon at the top left

Click the settings button

Go to audio section and select transmit mode

Change transmit mode to push to talk

Go back to the main screen and hit the add server button at the top right


Enter the information as shown below


Label: ADI or custom name


Port: 64738 (default)

Username: your ADI forum name

Password: None - LEAVE BLANK!!!

Once created, it should list the ping time and connected user count. Tap the server listing.

If you get the untrusted certificate error, allow the connection. Then you should be connected!