Matching Names

At Atlas Defense Industries we have found that often it can be difficult to find our members due to the variety names that websites have players provide. This can make it tricky for us to get together in groups to play online. In response to this we have a 'Matching Names' rule in place; your 'RSI Handle', 'RSI Monicker', 'ADI Forum name' and 'ADI Mumble name' must all match, to the best of your ability. We understand that sometimes names are taken and we will work with members individually to find a work around if that is the case. The following are a series of instructions on how to change your 'Handle' (which appears in the URL for your RSI profile) and your 'Monicker' (which identifies you on the forums and in chat) on the RSI website.

Step One

Go to the RSI website and click on MY RSI in the top right of the page.

Step Two 

Log into your RSI account.

Step Three 

Click on MY RSI and the on MY ACCOUNT. You will be taken to the page in the second image. Once there scroll down the page to IDENTIFICATION. Alternatively when logged in simply click on the following link to be taken straight to settings.


Step Four

You will see two sections. One to change your community Monicker and one to change you Handle. Your Community Monicker can be changed as often as you like, however your Handle is limited to one free change, after which you'll have to pay $5 to change it; so be very careful you spell everything correctly and that you've chosen what you want.

Step Five

To change either your Handle or Monicker you follow the same method. Click on the hexagonal pencil symbol; then insert your password and desired name change, and finally click save.

The process is the same for changing you Handle, with the addition of a warning symbol about the restrictions on Handle changes. Remember to be careful with spelling! 


Thank you

Thank you for reading through these steps. If you have any problems throughout the process of matching your names, or simply have some questions, please hop onto our mumble at and a staff member will be ready to help you.