What is Hellion

Hellion is a first person multiplayer space survival game. It is a fusion of survival and space simulation genres that pits players against the deadly environment and one another. Survive the hard vacuum, extreme temperatures, deadly radiation and scavenge for basic resources like air, water, food and other items necessary for survival.

Keep in mind you are not the only survivor out there. There are others but will they help or throw you to the void without a second thought? Remember, no matter how brutal space may seem, it cannot hold a candle to man.

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Hellion Staff


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Team Lead
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Jobs and Roles in Hellion

Like most of ADI's core platforms, each member of the org is given a role to fill in order to better accomplish group goals. We feel that by strategically dividing the labor, we become a more effective group.

Fleet Pilot
Getting us from point A to point B, travel doesn't happen without the skilled members who pilot our fleet.
Resources are critical in ensuring our ships and stations are properly maintained. Go-getters are always appreciated.
We're not going to lie: there are desperate folks out in the universe. Some desperate enough to take what isn't rightfully theirs. Peace through superior firepower.
They make the entire operation possible. The grease monkeys of space are essential to ensuring you don't have a bad time out there.

ADI Hellion Rules

Rules and Regs for those of you who want to fly with us in our org. We aren't militant about it, but we do like to keep it a no-drama org. We've found that these help keep the peace.

Don't Be a Jerk
The purpose of this rule is rather simple, we want to provide an enjoyable environment and that isn't helped if somebody is being purposefully rude, disruptive or childish. That sort of attitude creates a hostile environment, which isn't an enjoyable environment to be in. You wouldn't want someone being an asshat in your home, and neither do we.
Don't Cause Drama
This is one of the rules we stress the most. This ranges from grumbling about decisions and personal opinions, to openly stirring up ill feeling in a malicious way. If you ever at any point encounter a problem which causes disagreement, whether it be an Organization decision or an argument with staff or a member, please bring it to the attention of a director in a calm manner; instead of venting it in public forums.
Real Life Comes First
At ADI we all understand that there are concerns that exist outside of the Organization and the game. Most of us have jobs or school, and a lot of us have families. There are external pressures and ADI will never ask you to put your role within the Organization or Star Citizen ahead of your real life. Whenever you have to take a break, just make a post in the forums and someone will quickly respond with "Don't worry, real life first." And that is how it should be.